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Resurrection: A Search for Answers (DVD)

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Status: In Stock
Product Code: DVD7744
Rating: NR
Running Time: 45 min.
Release Date: 3/28/2006
UPC Code: 030306774497
Country: United States
Region Code: 0
Language: ENG
Format: DVD
Ratio:4:3   (NTSC Standard)


Did Jesus rise from the dead? The stories of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ inspire faith and fuel controversy to this day. But what do we know about what really happened on that first Easter almost 2,000 years ago, a day that changed the course of history?

ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas travels to Jerusalem and asks scholars, theologians and archaeologists the questions millions of faithful and interested Americans might have pondered: Was the tomb empty? Did Jesus physically walk the Earth after his death? Or was it just a religious vision?

Bonus Features

Digital Slideshow, Annotated biographies of scholars, English Subtitles
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