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Ronald Reagan: An American Legend (DVD)

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Status: In Stock
Product Code: DVD7644
Rating: NR
Running Time: 156 min.
Release Date: 7/1/2004
UPC Code: 0-30306-7644-9-8
Country: United States
Region Code: 0
Language: ENG
Format: DVD

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ABC News examines the life and political career of the late Ronald Reagan, our 40th president, in this special DVD release.

Remembering Ronald Reagan:
A look at the life of Ronald Reagan as told primarily by his children, along with some never before seen excerpts from the many interviews conducted by Barbara Walters. Interviews with family members and journalists tell the Reagan story from the day his father first dubbed him "Dutch", to his battle with Alzheimer‘s disease.

"The Reagan Letters"
A look at Reagan through some of the thousands of letters he wrote over his lifetime. Few people knew what a prolific writer of letters Reagan was, but more than 6, 000 Reagan letters are known to exist. Letters to farmers, letters to Vietnam vets, letters to foreign leaders -- most written in longhand on yellow legal pads -- show a different side of the man who was called "The Great Communicator". Reagan‘s son, Ron Jr., lends his voice to many of the letters for this documentary.

Farewell to a President
Exclusive coverage from the memorial ceremonies and funeral services on June 11th, 2004.

Bonus Features

A series of segments focusing on some of the key elements from President Reagan‘s time in office.
Ron &Nancy
The Reagan Humor
Reagan Speeches
Foreign Policy
Iran/Contra Scandal
The Assassination Attempt
His Critics and Admirers
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