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Bastards (DVD)
Acclaimed director Claire Denis’s jagged, daringly fragmented and darkest film is a genuinely contemporary film noir inspired by recent French sex ring scandals involving men of...
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The Bobby Darin Show (DVD)
Legendary Singer Bobby Darin In His Final Series of Musical Performances! There has probably been no greater entertainer in the history of show business than the late ...
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Contracted (DVD)
After a lapse in her relationship with her lover (Katie Stegeman) forces twenty-something party girl Samantha (Najarra Townsend) to move back in with her overbearing mother...
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Everyday (DVD)
"Everyday" tells the story of four children separated from their father, and a wife separated from her husband. While the father serves a five-year prison sentence, the...
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George Carlin Double Feature: Complaints & Grievances / Doin‘ It Again (DVD)
George Carlin performs a hilarious set of never-before released material in “Complaints and Grievances.” His 12th HBO special was recorded live at the Beacon Theater in New York...
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George Carlin Double Feature: George‘s Best Stuff / You Are All Diseased (DVD)
“George’s Best Stuff” is a compilation of some of Carlin’s legendary routines, including “A Place For My Stuff,” “Dogs and Cats,” “Baseball and Football,” “Losing Things,” “Al...
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Here‘s Lucy: The Complete Series (DVD)
Lucy’s back! For more love & laughter in her top 10 comedy hit The legendary queen of television comedy, LUCILLE BALL, is joined by her real-life children, LUCIE ARNAZ AND...
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The Punk Singer (DVD)
Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, rose to national attention as the reluctant but never shy voice of the riot grrrl movement....
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Trap for Cinderella (DVD)
Micky (Tuppence Middleton) is a fun-loving photographer, living a party lifestyle in London until a chance encounter with a childhood friend changes her world forever. The...
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Wrong Cops (DVD)
Officer Duke has a bit of a problem: he accidentally shot a man while holding a teenager (Marilyn Manson) captive, and now he’s storing the body in the trunk of his car. Luckily...
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